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University of Malta

Dance Studies

BA Degree

2020-2023 – Present

  • I am currently a student of Dance Studies at the University of Malta. I will graduate in 2023. During my years here I have studied Graham, Cunningham and various release techniques, which have been supplemented by improvisation, somatic training, contact improvisation and various body conditioning classes. During university, I had the opportunity to broaden my horizons and work and create collaboratively with actors and musicians. I also created independent choreographies for dancers and for myself. We also experimented with media and technology, which gave me the possibility to create my own short dance film. I also got a chance to try my hand at pedagogy. In my final year, I had the opportunity to work with 4 choreographers and to tour Malta and Ireland.

    My main teachers are Francesca Tranter, Sara Accettura, Dorian Mallia, Dr Paula Guzzanti, Dr Lucía Piquero, Dr Mika Lior, Dr Margaret Westby, Dr Deborah Williams, Zoe Camilleri

Gangaray Artistic Program

International Training Program


  • I spent a season in this international programme, where I got a taste to experience what life in a company is like. During the programme, I mainly trained in modern ballet and contemporary dance with the programme leaders and invited guest teachers. I also participated in 3 creative processes with different choreographers. The pieces were performed at the Bethlen theatre.

    My teachers were József Hámor, Tímea Kinga Maday, Balázs Busa, Fanni Esterházy, Zsófi Széki, Gábor Halász, Tamás Bakó

BailArt Dance Studio

Modern,-Contemporary dancer qualification (OKJ)


  • For 2 years I studied at the BailArt Dance Studio, where I studied classical ballet, jazz, stage dance, folk dance, contemporary dance and Limón technique. In June 2019 I got my certificate as a Modern- Contemporary Dancer.

    My teachers were Anett Békési-Szombati, Krisztián Ungi, Stefánia Sallay, Beáta Bogárdi and László Varga. In addition to our permanent teachers, we often had the opportunity to learn from guest teachers such as Judit Konz, Zita Thury, Nikoletta Gönczöl, Krisztina Sessi and Ramóna Takács

Budapest Dance School

Intensive Training Program


  • I went to the Budapest Dance School for 2 years for contemporary dance classes with Petra Drávucz, and then for 2 years for an intensive course, where I also studied ballet, modern dance and improvisation from Mónika Lemesánszky and Noémi Hársfai.

    During the intensive course, we worked in 2-4 week shifts with guest teachers such as Zsuzsi Rózsavölgyi, Gábor Halász, and Dávid Mikó


2023 – University of Malta Dance Tour

  • Parting Glass – choreographer: Róisín Whelan (IE)
  • It’s not about the Bacon – choreographer: Diane Portelli (MT)
  • My/ Our. Stream. Of. Consciousness. (Second edition) – choreographer: Carmen Di Lorenzo (IT)
  • Nothing Really – choreographer: Francesca Tranter (MT)

2022 – Central Europe Dance Theatre

  • NYIT – demonstration – choreographed by László Mádi and Dávid Dabóczi

2022 – University of Malta

  • My/ Our. Stream. Of. Consciousness. – choreographer: Carmen Di Lorenzo
  • Mind the Gap – Musical – directed by Michael Richardson

2021 – University of Malta

  • The Book of New Grief -Collective Performance – directed by Simone Spiteri

2019-2020 – Gangaray Artistic Program

  • Double Bill: Liza – choreographed by József Hámor and Epreskert – choreographed by Balázs Busa
  • Just Dance and Nothing Else -choreographed by Ferenc Fehér

2019 – SzólóDuó Dance Festival

  • Zsigerelés/ Exenteration – Choreographers and performers: Helga Kiss and Noémi Piller

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